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Tablevogue's fitted table cover for workspace in the home


Tablevogue's fitted table cover for furnishing your home


Tablevogue's fitted table cover for all your dining needs
Jane Birdwell gives a testimonial on Tablevogue
I knew people loved Tablevogue for special events, but actually more people like you buy Tablevogue for use in the home. Quality furniture is really expensive and cheap furniture is almost always disappointing. A folding table styled with Tablevogue offers a stylish solution without breaking the bank… Plus you can store lots of containers hidden underneath.
- Jane Birdwell, Founder



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Tablevogue's fitted table covers are perfect for outdoor dining
Tablevogue's fitted table cover for all of your serving purposes

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We've all suffered from sticker-shock syndrome after that first-time furniture browse. (They're charging that for a dining room set?!?) Tablevogue offers simple style solutions so that you don't have to fork over your first paycheck on a new table – and the results are instantaneous.

Cover up an old card table and have a feast for four in moments or create an office nook or console table using our larger Tablevogue options. 


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"My Tablevogues arrived and they washed up perfectly with no ironing (which I love). We received very nice compliments and gave out your information!!" 
— Allyson M. from Birmingham, AL