Tablevogue fitted table covers are doing for folding tables what Dyson did for the vacuum. At first glance, tablecloths are an unlikely place to find game-changing innovation. But Floridian entrepreneur, Jane Birdwell, envisioned a superior design that is becoming recognized by industry leaders as a new product category, "tailored table covers."

The tablecloth has been a highly valued event item for nearly 2,000 years. Table décor coverings, known as "drapes and throws" haven't drastically changed in appearance or design since the fifteenth century – until now. Tablevogue has created an innovative product that solves several longstanding issues around tablecloth performance and design. Constructed with a patented and protected stitched corner and pleat, Tablevogue tailored, fitted table covers are made specifically to fit standard size utility folding and banquet tables without the use of clips, pins or skirts.

"Tablevogue is a genius idea that creates a new product category for table linens. At a time when the party and event category is exploding, Tablevogue's better design and fabric has found a solid fan base of both consumers and commercial event planners," said Steven Cohen, President of Consulting, Brandgenuity, a leading licensing consulting agency based in New York City.

Designed with both indoor and outdoor entertaining in mind, Tablevogue's fitted table covers are constructed with the purpose to not only look polished, but to stay on utility folding and banquet tables in highly crowded or windy conditions. Additionally, the modern fit looks clean and can be easily adorned to match complimentary tableware or accessories of all types.

"When we first found out about Tablevogue, our immediate reaction was: Thank you! I deal with clients whose expectations are high and I've seen too many events ruined by flapping tablecloths or drapes pulled off with the heel of a shoe or chair. The old-school clips and pins are ridiculous, labor-intensive and don't work well – I won't miss them," said event planner Kelly Kelly, CEO of Kelly Kelly Inc., who plans events for members of the Young Presidents' Organization.

On the commercial side, Birdwell saw an opportunity when other manufacturers shared their strategy of planned obsolescence of about a year for the product they were sewing. Better fabric combined with better sewing has paid off in commercial and consumer confidence. Now everyone can afford to party like a professional.

Tablevogue - Unapologetically Better.