Hello, I’m Jane Birdwell, the Founder of Tablevogue and Creator of MIY.

I love a great party! And that’s a good thing because as the CEO of a creative agency, I’ve staged more events than I can count—nothing gets me firing on all cylinders like throwing open my front door and saying, “Come on in!”

Although my professional expertise helps my agency’s clients innovate and elevate their brands, something unexpected started happening. Instead of seeking just my business advice, people were turning to me for all my how-to tips, tricks, and hacks for entertaining at home and business with ease.

A lightbulb moment set my business brain ablaze. Suddenly I saw how streaming technology and social media were raising style and design standards and changing people’s expectations. Busy folks desired a certain look but were too exhausted by everyday life to tackle overwhelming DIY projects from scratch. I felt what we needed was really the opposite of DIY.

And so, the MIY—Make-It-Yours—movement was born.

Tapping my superpower—resourcefulness—I began widely sharing my inventive entertaining ideas to help others see just how simple it is to enhance an affordable store-bought product and make it your own. To me, anything that made-it-home from the store can be transformed to home-made—when you add creative touches and make it yours, that is!

In a snap, people began to taking their homes—and entertaining—to a whole new creative, personalized level. And not only did they have great results, they gained more of that precious time we all need—time to throw a great party!

All of this made me clearly see my calling: inspiring and empowering people through my MIY hacks. But I needed some inspiration of my own—there was still one big problem I couldn’t solve:

How to take the folding tables we all need for every gathering from drab to fab?

Even with all my resourceful tricks, nothing I tried truly transformed those functional albeit frumpy folding tables into something special—extra frustrating because as you and I both know, tables set the stage and are the foundation for any event.

One night, I witnessed a party crash—literally. A guest got her heel caught on a droopy table drape and tumbled to the floor, the embarrassment for host and guest was shocking. Then, as I reached down to help her, I glanced at the long, pleated skirt I was wearing.

That’s it! A pleated fitted folding table cover! A new obsession began. Somehow, I was going to create an entirely new table cover as stylish as it is affordable, with pleats in all four corners. A full-length, one-piece design that stays in place without pins, clips, or adhesives, and that looks custom sewn for a fraction of the cost. A lot to ask but I was determined! Prototypes, patents, samples, and manufacturing partnerships followed, and then …

Tablevogue was born— fashion for the folding table finally arrived!

I soon became my own client, pouring all my business and branding skills into the one product that solves an age-old problem and adds so much to every event.

Now, my MIY content continues to inspire anyone planning a celebration so they can party like a professional, and Tablevogue turns every event into a showstopper (including yours)!

Let’s get your party started!