All Dolled Up and Ready to Party


Enjoy this "must-read" party planning advice for your lil' doll by insta-famous blogger and mom Stylishly Stella. We see our share of perfectly planned events at Tablevogue but this one takes the cake. 

Did you let your daughter help you plan? YES! I took all the initial planning cues from HER. Everything from the doll theme, to her dress , shoes, hairstyle, pinata, fashion show, canopy and guestlist was ALL her idea! She has been very involved with her own party planning since she was 4. And I love letting her lead the way.

How did you come up with your theme? Julie and all her friends love playing dolls. So last year, we threw a L.O.L doll-themed party which can be seen here. And this year, she wanted to incorporate American girl dolls so we generally made it a "love our doll Galentines parTEA." Everyone was asked to bring an 18" doll (American Girl and Our Generation fit the bill best). And guests were all gifted new dresses and doll backpacks for their dolls as their party favor. The dolls were included in the party's crafting activity, runway show and tea party as well.

What is the one thing you always include when planning? I always like to make sure there is a wow wall for photo opps. It has to be big enough for all the little guests to take a group photo at and is that surprise, awe-inspiring moment when walking into the party. This year, the runway backdrop with the custom doll box was the perfect wow wall for guests to pretend and pose dolly-style from. @Paperflowersgarden did a fantastic job creating the life-sized doll box and made sure to match all our party colors. @marijo.creations did a fantastic job coordinating theme colors as well into their balloon garland placed over my frilly curtained backdrop.

What is the one thing to avoid? At this age (4-7), it's best to avoid a formal sit-down where the entire party revolves just around the dinner table. Little kids need lots of various activities and room to move around while shaking their sillies out

I'd suggest making sure to plan 2 things:
1. Prepare a group game (We had 2 - in this case it was the L.O.L relay race where kids balanced a L.O.L doll on a spoon while racing back and forth tagging their teammates. Winner won a matching girl and dolly outfit set! Partygoers also cracked open a pinata filled with fashion items, Valentines sweets and L.O.L doll: accessories & stickers.
2. Create various stations from which kids can roam and find fun activities to choose from. We had a hair bling station and a nail stamping station thanks to our event partner @pinkprincessnails and sponsor @officialblinger that the girls loved. Another crafting station had the girls customizing birthday hats for their dolls while feeding them from adorable tea sets. And multiple doll-themed pretend play areas kept everyone happy! (Think Barbie: dollhouse, car and dolls), (a mechanical convertible that fit the girls and their doll), (strollers to push around their dolls), (an accessory station filled with boas, fabulous hats, purses and sunglasses for the girls to walk the runway with)

How did Tablevogue enhance your event?
Tablevogue elevated the look and feel of the entire kids' party! For Juliet's birthdays I avoided using the typical kiddie tablecloths and chose a real linen as part of her tablescape. It immediately makes the event feel more posh and special. And Tablevogue has such a beautiful tailored look that I didn't have to worry about creating my own swags or trying to pin and custom tailor anything. Plus look at that gorgeous pop of color! It was the perfect backdrop to draw guests in and have them admire the beautiful place settings! THANK YOU!
-Stella Leo
@stylishlystella on social media

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