What Makes Tablevogue Unapologetically Better

We appreciate how much time and energy goes into planning each event, which is why we devoted the same amount of time and energy making sure Tablevogue is superior to any alternative. We are committed to manufacturing the best quality product at the most affordable price. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for – especially true for table covers! We are confident the alternative options will disappoint you, but promise that Tablevogue will exceed your expectations.

Tablevogue is perfect for event planners as well, alowing a Tablvogue user to dress the table 10x faster then the traditional skirt. Don't believe us? Check out this video which shows the amazing time savings you can achieve with Tablevogue!

Since you can’t physically feel the difference before purchasing online, we created a list to further explain how our product compares to the same ol’ tablecloths that have been around for years.

P.S. The average Tablevogue owner uses the cover around 16 times per year, making it more affordable than it’s disposable counterpart.





Patented Design

Sea of the Same

Fitted Corner with Vertical Seam

Requires Pins, Clips or Adhesives

Full-length, To-the-Floor Coverage

Too Long or Too Short

Tailored, Secure Fit with Pleat

Loose & Sloppy



Stain-resistant & Machine Washable

Likely to Stain, Pill, Lint and Snag



Feels Like Cotton, Performs Like Polyester

Disheveled, Slippery and See-through

Easy to Use




Modern Screen-print and Embroidery Technologies

Old-fashioned Methods

Savvy & Stylish Entertaining Solution

Dated & Blah

Superior Construction & Sewing

Mediocre Drapes & Throws