Double down on celebrations with tablevogue!


Doubling down on celebrations of all types is becoming a thing. More and more often, people of all ages and means are taking advantage of combined celebrations. While the financial benefit is apparent the consideration of people’s time is driving the trend. 

Hosting the event in the comfort of one’s home or familiar venue makes it easier to pull off resulting in new traditions worth imitating. In this stunning example, a lifelong relationship between friends made it easier to suggest a pivot from shower-to-ceremony. It would be a complete surprise to the guests with only the immediate wedding party and family in the know. And why not, this beautiful backyard venue on the bay and the guests would be dressed to delight. More and more people are finding it hard to manage packed calendars filled with family, professional and sports obligations, so being respectful of people’s time means less stress for the couple, the hosts and their family and friends. The surprise element somehow makes the occasions even more magical, especially for money-minded millennials. 

Tablevogue champions new traditions and all types and styles of gatherings. Feel free to follow the lead of the newly wed Mr. & Mrs. Adcock who managed to create a lot more joy and less hassle for themselves, the hosts and family and friends by showering surprise nuptials, a new tradition to embrace!