Expert Tips For Festival Finesse

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We help lots of first time business owners get geared up for festivals and trade shows. Presentation really, really matters. We shared some advice with a recent customer that you might find useful.

  • Set up your tables and presentation in a manner to receive information as well as disperse information. Most hand-outs never make it past the trash can at the venue. Accessing interested event-goer's contact information for post event marketing is more valuable in the long-run.

  • Pre-set important meetings. Make sure and set up in advance meeting times with important prospects and partners. Take advantage of being at the same place at the same time.

  • Look for creative ways to let people know you are exhibiting. If local, email your clients - people attract people and having some fans of your product rotating in is always a good thing. If out of town, think of where to reach your target audience. Consider promotional hotel door hangers or a promotional video loop on transit near the exhibition hall or venue.

  • Say no to backless table covers or poorly fitting table covers that are easily dragged off by the hustle and bustle of a show. Tablevogue your table and let them know you mean business.