Love & Gratitude from Tablevogue


From functional to fabulous. Create a Grab-and-Go space!

Teaching our kids and grandkids respect, gratitude and care for others is more important than ever. This Love and Gratitude gathering is an easy way to make kids, tweens and empathy-void adults feel comfortable sharing and caring. And.. it’s super easy to pull off. Dress a variety of tables (borrow from friends or family) in a power play of red Tablevogue, hopefully you still haven’t packed away from the holiday. Stage the tables so your guests can mingle from table to table discovering something fun to do. Source menu items that complement the theme, like iconic CocaCola, Hershey’s kisses and syrup, red flowers and colorful additions from JonesSoda or other favorite drinks, juices and water. Making Hershey’s S’Mores will keep guests bonded while the decorative hang-tags are created on the spot. Take a break from holiday baking by sourcing cakes from the local bakery or grocer and use fresh items to give it a special touch…if it made it home from the store, you get credit for home-made:-) The tags can be decorated with aspirational sayings and then shared between guests or shared later with a special someone. The main idea is to create an atmosphere where emotional sharing is encouraged and celebrated. A different take on the Valentine’s candy hearts we all coveted as kids (and maybe still do). Creating an event to celebrate the good in people you love and care about is gratifying for everyone.