More Happy, Less Hassle - Beautiful, Budget-Friendly Bash

Posted by Tablevogue on 30th Aug 2019

Planning the perfect Labor Day Party can be easy. To help the process go a little smoother for you this year, I have put together a few tips for how to make your labor day party a big success without the hassle.

Tip 1: Never Underestimate the Value and Ease of Store Bought Goods

Presenting store bought goods in different serving trays rather than the original packaging will take your party game to the next level. If your set up is looking great, no one will know the difference! Store bought goods save you time, energy, and most importantly money. When presented in the right way, store bought goods leave everyone involved satisfied and happy. Less time spent in the kitchen leaves more time to enjoy Labor Day with your family and friends.

Tip 2: Use Baskets Instead of Classic Serving Tools

Baskets can promote a rustic-yet-classy feel for your Labor Day Party. The rustic style of decorating is very popular right now, especially with the fall season on the horizon. Instead of your typical plastic serving tools, using baskets or woven trays can help you get a head start on the trend. A quick switch like this will make it look like you have it down. I used a few baskets I already had for this party set up, but here are a few links to some affordable options you may like:

Woven Tray

Rectangular Basket Set

Woven Basket

Tip 3: Use Wooden Plates Instead of Paper Plates

You’ll never have to worry about your Tablevogue blowing all over the place, make sure it doesn't happen with your paper plates either. These wooden plates are planet friendly, heavier than paper plates, and help your party stay in theme with the trendy, rustic vibe. I have attached a link to the ones I sourced from Artesana Imports. If you are looking for a more affordable option, these bamboo plates from amazon are great. The bamboo plates are even featured as one of Jessica Alba’s picks for amazon. If Jessica likes them, we like them!

Tip 4: Provide Various Drink Options for Your Guests

When throwing a party, it is important to be mindful of your guests preferences and needs. Providing both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages for your guests is a party necessity. Rather than just having water as the nonalcoholic option, provide your guests with delicious teas, seltzers, and sodas. Purchasing beverages with labels that coordinate with the color scheme of your party will help tie everything together in a subtle yet functional way.

Tip 5: Ready, Set, Entertain!

Last but not least, dressing the table itself is the most important element to display all of your Labor Day Party supplies. A simple folding table set with a Tablevogue 6-foot fitted table cover in the pattern Red Picnic is exactly what your Labor Day Party needs. It is as easy as ready, set, entertain.Tablevogue is fitted to perfection and comes in signature solids and pretty patterns to choose from. The picnic pattern also comes in both blue and black.With the most five star reviews of any table cover on the market, Tablevogue truly floods your party planning experience with more happy and less hassle.

Now that you have all the tools for planning the best Labor Day Party, send us your pics! We would love to see how you put your creative spin on these tips. Happy Labor Day!