Small price for BIG style


It’s back and we love it! Did you own or still own this hardy, functional 30-inch round table used beside the bed, by the sofa and a million other occasions? Whether you dust it off or buy one new, it’s usefulness is experiencing a rebirth and when covered with Tablevogue looks modern and fresh in signature solid or accessorized with ribbon or toppers. The tables can be easily sourced online and dressed at

Sidewalk safe with no worries about wind blowing away your potential.

Vendors, shop-owners and market go-ers love the ease of storing extra inventory and supplies neatly underneath.

Use indoors and bring your brand to life with imprinting or styling in a signature solid. 

Our take on DIY is MIY which stands for “Make it Yours” which can be interpreted as anything you can imagine….including embellishments of all kinds like this beautiful pin. More and more brides to be and party professionals are using temporary and permanent markers and paints to ensure the occasion is memorable and truly one of a kind.

Post a pic on Facebook showcasing your Tablevogue(s) and win FREE Tablevogue in any size or color. We want to see your style! Thank you to all of you who take a minute to “Like” and “Engage” with our page. It provides us with great input and we love to hear from you.