Pals, Prints and Pursuits….. Official Fitted Table Cover of the Side Hustle


Tablevogue started as a side hustle. I had the idea and launched while fully engaged as CEO of a boutique advertising and marketing agency. I love that women and men have so many options when it comes to earning income and raising kids. The new normal is anything people want it to be and I’m proud that Tablevogue is included in so many personal and passionate pursuits. So with a borrowed folding table and Tablevogue (that might also be borrowed) you can start something big, small or whatever feels right for you and it is all good. Our cover feature is a beautiful and talented mother of three. She loved the idea of representing a new line of Scout & Cellar Wines and asked the help of her good friend the owner of a well established women’s clothing boutique for help. I’ve always believed something magical happens when women help other women and in this case and many, it’s a win-win for both businesses. The new business gets exposure to potential customers while the established business provides its clientele with an exceptional NEW experience. Outdoor local markets are typically very inexpensive to rent space and whether you are creating your own goods or a rep for a line, don’t let asking for help take up too much head space. If you need an extra hand in your booth, offer a lunch or exchange of favor focusing on how much fun it will be to spend time together. The world today is very collaborative so don’t be afraid to make a case for mutual benefit and show up in a manner that elevates the experience for all.

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